Release Archive

All recent Guacamole releases are listed here, along with several historical releases. Each release below is listed by the version of the overall software bundle and the date on which it was released. Clicking on the version number will take you to the release notes and downloads for that release, including a pre-built guacamole.war file and all associated source code.

Please be sure to read the installation instructions in the manual thoroughly. If you do not wish to build things from source, you can also install Guacamole using Docker.

If you are looking for the absolute latest unreleased code (or extremely old code not archived here), please check our git repositories on GitHub.

Which version should I download?

Unless you already know that you need a very specific version (your custom or third-party extensions use an older version of the Guacamole API, for example), you should always download the most recent release. Guacamole development is very active, and recent releases will contain bug fixes and performance improvements that will be absent in older releases.

Version Summary Release Date
1.4.0 Connection tiling, keyboard broadcasting, SSO improvements, multi-touch support for RDP, fixes for RDP audio input, JSON authentication, bug fixes. 2022-01-01
1.3.0 Automatic prompting for remote desktop credentials, user group support for CAS and OpenID, bug fixes. 2021-01-01
1.2.0 Support for SAML 2.0, Wake-on-LAN, and easy switching between active connections, numerous fixes for RDP, improvements to TOTP, database support, and behavior on iOS devices. 2020-06-28
1.1.0 Dynamic image quality, support for Kubernetes, migration to FreeRDP 2.0.0 and Apache Directory API, fixes and improvements to Docker images, terminal behavior, and user groups. 2020-01-29
1.0.0 User groups, improved clipboard integration, TOTP (Google Authenticator), RADIUS, dead keys. 2019-01-08
0.9.14 OpenID Connect single sign-on, SQL Server support, CAS "ClearPass", user login/logout history, fixes and improvements for RDP, clipboard, file transfer, and terminal emulation. 2018-01-18
0.9.13-incubating CAS single sign-on, fixes for VNC/RDP/SSH/telnet, in-browser playback of screen recordings, automatic connection failover, 256-color console codes. 2017-07-30
0.9.12-incubating Thumbnails as tab icons, HTTP header authentication, performance improvements, and fixes for printing, file transfer, and terminal emulation. 2017-04-01
0.9.11-incubating Two-factor authentication, password policies, improvements to Docker and LDAP. 2017-02-02
0.9.10-incubating Screen sharing, recording, improved file transfer, audio input, Docker support for LDAP. 2016-12-29

Pre-Apache releases

All releases below are from prior to Guacamole's acceptance into the Incubator. They are not Apache Software Foundation releases, and are licensed under the MIT license.

Version Summary Release Date
0.9.9 Dynamic JPEG/WebP, improved LDAP support, central connection history, filterable connection/user lists. 2015-12-18
0.9.8 Multiple auth extensions, file browsing, VNC audio and file transfer, RDP performance flags. 2015-09-09
0.9.7 Simpler installation/configuration, theming support, Docker support, translations, multiple bug fixes. 2015-06-10
0.9.6 PostgreSQL support, database speed improvements, RDP memory fixes, session management. 2015-03-30
0.9.5 Fixes for iOS, regressions from 0.9.4, and printing issues. Scrollbar for SSH and telnet. 2015-02-16
0.9.4 Completely new interface, single-tab layout, WebSockets by default, simultaneous connections. 2015-01-06
0.9.3 Config file for guacd, improved keyboard, HTTP Basic auth, C0 control codes, bug fixes. 2014-09-30
0.9.2 Wide character support, automated telnet login, keyboard-interactive auth, bug fixes. 2014-07-21
0.9.1 Performance enhancements, improved UI, better mobile support, telnet, MySQL auth fixes 2014-05-23
0.8.4 MySQL auth fixes 2014-05-23
0.9.0 Adds support for file transfer, RemoteApp, public key auth, and improved error handling. 2014-03-28
0.8.3 LDAP support, connection grouping and balancing, improved performance, SSL support. 2013-08-28