The release below is from prior to Guacamole's acceptance into the Apache Incubator. It is not an Apache Software Foundation release, and is licensed under the MIT license. The latest release of Apache Guacamole is 1.4.0.

Guacamole 0.9.5

The 0.9.5 release of Guacamole is mostly a bugfix release, addressing the regressions introduced by 0.9.4. Problems with authentication, management, and iOS 7 that resulted from the milestone 0.9.4 rewrite have all been fixed.

Regressions from 0.9.4

Once 0.9.4 was released, users discovered issues that we did not catch during our pre-release regression testing. Most of these issues were directly caused by the rewritten interface, particularly by differences in the display logic regarding user permissions. The authentication system still enforced permissions correctly - the interface simply interpreted these permissions incorrectly, refusing to display items that should be visible.

Browser bugs in iOS 7 that had been addressed in the past also resurfaced as a result of the massive rewrite. These bugs resulted in incorrect interpretation of browser window size and other strange behavior.

The 0.9.4 changes also resulted in a warning from the Jersey framework, causing confusion for users as they investigate unrelated problems. Though not a fatal error, it is not reasonable for web applications to produce warnings under normal operation.

We have addressed all of these issues.

Terminal scrollbar

The SSH and telnet components of Guacamole have always supported scrolling, but only through the mouse scrollwheel or through pressing “Page Up” or “Page Down” while holding Shift. So that users can scroll more directly, and so that users can see where they currently are relative to past output, we have added a scrollbar to the terminal used by both SSH and telnet.

Users can now scroll directly by clicking and dragging the handle of this scrollbar, and the position and size of the scrollbar handle continuously update with respect to the size of the terminal, the amount of text available for scrolling, and the current position of the user within that text.

Printed PDFs contain blank pages

It was reported some time ago that printing large documents through the Guacamole PDF printer via RDP results in blank pages appearing within the PDF output. Ruggero Vecchio discovered the reason for this, and contributed the solution to the project. Printing documents via RDP should now work just fine, regardless of size.

FreeRDP build issues

FreeRDP API changes toward the end of 2014 broke builds of Guacamole on platforms that package the newer FreeRDP version. We’ve since modified the Guacamole source to be compatible with these changes while maintaining compatibility with past releases of FreeRDP.

Updated example code

Vasily Loginov noticed that the example code included with the guacamole-client source had not been properly updated for the 0.9.x series of changes, and contributed the fix to the project, which has been accepted and merged.