libguac  0.9.11-incubating
Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
 Cguac_audio_encoderArbitrary audio codec encoder
 Cguac_audio_streamBasic audio stream
 Cguac_clientGuacamole proxy client
 Cguac_layerRepresents a single layer within the Guacamole protocol
 Cguac_objectRepresents a single object within the Guacamole protocol
 Cguac_parserA Guacamole protocol parser, which reads individual instructions, filling its own internal structure with the most recently read instruction data
 Cguac_poolA pool of integers
 Cguac_pool_intRepresents a single integer within a larger pool of integers
 Cguac_socketThe core I/O object of Guacamole
 Cguac_streamRepresents a single stream within the Guacamole protocol
 Cguac_userRepresentation of a physical connection within a larger logical connection which may be shared
 Cguac_user_infoInformation exposed by the remote client during the connection handshake which can be used by a client plugin