Part I. User's Guide

Table of Contents

1. Implementation and architecture
The Guacamole protocol
The web application
VNC Client
Remote Desktop Gateway
2. Installing Guacamole natively
Building guacamole-server
Deploying Guacamole
3. Installing Guacamole with Docker
Running the guacd Docker image
The Guacamole Docker image
4. Proxying Guacamole
Preparing your servlet container
Apache and mod_proxy
5. Configuring Guacamole
GUACAMOLE_HOME (/etc/guacamole)
Logging within the web application
Using the default authentication
Configuring connections
Configuring guacd
6. Database authentication
Downloading the database authentication extension
Creating the Guacamole database
Upgrading an existing Guacamole database
Granting Guacamole access to the database
Installing database authentication
Logging in
Modifying data manually
7. LDAP authentication
How Guacamole uses LDAP
Downloading the LDAP extension
Preparing your LDAP directory (optional)
Associating LDAP with a database
Installing LDAP authentication
The LDAP schema
8. Duo two-factor authentication
How Duo works with Guacamole
Downloading the Duo extension
Installing Duo authentication
9. TOTP two-factor authentication
How TOTP works with Guacamole
Downloading the TOTP extension
Installing TOTP authentication
10. HTTP header authentication
Downloading the HTTP header authentication extension
Installing HTTP header authentication
11. CAS Authentication
Downloading the CAS authentication extension
Installing CAS authentication
12. OpenID Connect Authentication
Downloading the OpenID Connect authentication extension
Installing support for OpenID Connect
13. SAML Authentication
Downloading the SAML authentication extension
Installing SAML authentication
14. RADIUS Authentication
Downloading the RADIUS authentication extension
Installing RADIUS authentication
Configuring Guacamole for RADIUS authentication
Completing the installation
15. Ad-hoc Connections
Downloading the quickconnect extension
Installing the quickconnect extension
Using the quickconnect extension
16. Using Guacamole
Home screen
Client screen
Copying/pasting text
Disconnecting and navigation
Sharing the connection
Transferring files
On-screen keyboard
Scaling the display
Mobile or touch devices
Changing preferences
17. Administration
Managing sessions
Connection history
User management
User group management
Connections and connection groups
18. Troubleshooting
It isn't working
Servlet container logs